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Surgical Illustration

This project involved illustrating the surgical procedure for a proximal humeral fracture repair (specifically, an ORIF with Suture Plate through the Deltopectoral Approach). The final project involved a fully rendered illustration, a sample of a finalized inked layout, and rough illustrations for each step of the procedure.

■ roles

 Research, Surgical Illustration.

■ tools

Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator.

■ client

Dave Mazierski & Shelley Wall (BMC Profs)

Surgical illustration (click to zoom)

Surgical Illustration ORIF
Surgical Illustration WIP:
Finalized illustration (line):

Below, I have included a sample image of an inked spread, including 2 steps from the surgical procedure (see below for the entire surgical procedure). The finalized line art was "inked" digitally in this spread. 

Sample of finalized line art for surgical procedure:

Work in progress images:

Surgical Illustration ORIF
Rough illustrations (line):

Below, I have included images of the rough line art for the entire surgical procedure. Click on the following images to get a closer look.

Rough line art for the entire surgical procedure: