Info/Data Visualization, Illustration

Orangutan Infographic.

This project involved the creation of a comprehensive and intuitive information graphic that communicates orangutan biology & behaviour and the urgent need for further conservation efforts.

■ roles

 Research, Info/Data Visualization, Digital Illustration. 

■ tools

Adobe Photoshop, Tableau, Pencil Sketch. 

■ clients

Jodie Jenkinson (BMC Prof.) & Leif Cocks (President, The Orangutan Project)

Finished Information Graphic - Click to Zoom In:

Orangutan Infographic

Below, I have pasted some of my preliminary work for this project including ideation, mood boards, compositions, sketches and a style guide.

Ideation for Orangutan Information Graphic Project:

Style guide used for the finalized Information Graphic:


Rough draft for faculty feedback:


Scanned Pencil Sketches (Left) & Edited Version in Photoshop (Right):

Version with Feedback from Faculty & Fellow Students:

Orangutan_Edits copy.jpg

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