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👋🏽  Hi there! My name is Shehryar (Shay) Saharan.

I am the founder of ss-design, an award winning medical + scientific visualization and design studio.

I am currently in the Masters of Science in Biomedical Communications at the University of Toronto – here, I focus on the creation & evaluation of visual media including scientific illustration, UI/UX design, 2D/3D animation, and virtual simulations. This is an incredibly unique program that marries the disciplines of science, visualization and design and is 1 of 4 internationally accredited programs of its kind.

My undergraduate degree was in Biomedical Engineering (co-op) at the University of Guelph. During this time, I completed over 5 major engineering design projects focused on the development of medical technologies for the improvement of human health. My coursework included Engineering Design, Digital Process & Control Design, Bioinstrumentation, Pathology, Biomechanics, Circuits, Electronics, and Health & Injury, among others.

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