Comparative Anatomy Project.

I created a visual self-examination package for the course, BIOM 3010 (Comparative Mammalian Anatomy), based on my own needs as a student and knowledge gaps identified by my fellow peers.

■ roles

 Content development, Layout, Illustration. 

■ tools

Pencil on bristol paper, Adobe Photoshop. 

■ client

Dr. Vickaryous, Ontario Veterinary College.

The following illustrations were developed for the class, BIOM 3010 – Comparative Mammalian Anatomy offered by the Ontario Veterinary College at the University of Guelph. While I was taking this class, I found it difficult to practice and test myself on different anatomical concepts without referring to 5 or more diagrams to get all the information I needed.


So, I approached the instructor, Professor Matthew Vickaryous, and proposed I create a visual self-examination package for the course (focused on the Osteology unit) covering everything the students needed to know. Professor Vickaryous was kind enough to lend me a box of canine bones for 8 months during my co-op terms, in which I was able to create several illustrations for this visual self-examination resource.

completed pages from the visual examination package